Why Cruising?

Photo of a cruise ship on a tropical sea.

Our preferred vehicle of transport just happens to be CRUISE SHIPS. Have you seen these magnificent ships they build these days? You want for nothing while on these ships.

We love, love cruising because it’s easy, fun, and since we started cruising, we have met so many fabulous people both on and off the ships. We have also created so many unforgettable experiences on our cruises.

Sound of a Record scratching…lol. Okay, the real story is, I Kiki, am not the young chicken I used to be. And Cruising, unlike backpacking, allows me to drop in, see what I wanna see and do, and then we are off to the next city quick and easy! It’s kind of like being what I coined as being “Travel Smacked”, you pop in and see what you what to see, and off you go to the next place. Well, that is the story I talked my Sister Nina into, when she announced that she wanted to travel more, and see the world like we did when we backpacked in college. Me -“What?!? I cant do that with this body”.

What we LOVE about cruising:

It’s just so much fun living like a sailor. Creating an experience is really important to us. I think it’s what we do Best!!! We often want to see and explore the culture, food, and surroundings like a local would, or do something adventurous that we would never do in our lifetimes. Things like Zip-Lining in the tropical rainforest in the Dominican Republic, Cave Rafting in Belize, or swimming with Jaguars in Roatan, Honduras.

For us, we also want to get to know and meet the local people. For that, we often book private tours or hire local independent guides. Cruising allows us to do all the above, over, and over again. On a 7-day cruise, we might create 3-4 different and unique tour experiences. Also, the amount of people and different cultures we experience both on and off the ship is unparalleled to any other way one could travel in such a short period of time. This is why we LOVE Cruising!!!

Yes, because we are cruising, it often takes us going to a city multiple times to see and do everything it has to offer, but that is also the FUN in being a serious repeat cruiser. We don’t try to do it all on one trip, and I think that is the most important thing to keep in mind if you want to become a seasoned cruiser. We just want whatever decide to do, to be a unique and unforgettable experience. This is why you might have seen us go to Puerto Rico three times… a fabulous place with so much to do, we promise, you need more than one trip to experience even half of what it has to offer.

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