Why we always over tip

I said please do. Please understand that the people who work on cruise ships, are there to make sure you have the “BEST TIME” of your life. They do so, kind of selflessly for 6-10 months of their lives.  I explained, that this is a very similar community to Las Vegas.  As you know, Las Vegas is a total tourist town, many live or die by their tips. Tips are what feed our kids, wives, brothers, and our families at home. Sooooooo...

For many crew members, this job is their “Million Dollar”opportunity, the one that came along, saved and changed their life for the better; their entire family’s life.

I then told her, that for my sister and I, our cruise journey is about the people.  The ones we meet, the ones who make our hearts smile.  The ones who love us crazy sisters like we are family.

It’s about the PEOPLE, then the places, and most importantly, the simple kindness and gratuity that we can share with others along our journey. “Oh I wish I had your life”, she said.  I replied, “Oh Noooo you do not, but you can have anything I have or do if desired. What I want you to do, is just please feel my kindness. If you cruise, just be that, do that part like me, not wish for my life.”  In closing, I said, look at me, do you really what this?  We laughed, and she said, ”Hell yes”. 😂😂😂😂


Kiki Yvette & Nina

March 4, 2016