Top things to do in Grand Cayman

 1. Beaches, of course:

⁃  Seven Mile Beach

Expect, as the name say, seven mile long crescent-shaped stretch of soft light sand and the clearest emerald waters. Seven Mile Beach is very close to the port, easily to visit on your own. It’s absolutely stunning, also considered one of the best beaches in the world.


Other options worth the visit: Rum point Beach, less crowded, about 50 min from the cruise port. And, Smith Cove, a very popular beach among the locals with amazing rock formations.


2. Explore Georgetown

Right outside the cruise port, you will find duty-free shopping, local cuisines, and attractions such as theNational Museum.


3. Stingray City Sandbar

Feeling adventurous? What about swimming with stingrays?They’re beautiful and harmless, and you can even touch/pat them. This is aunique tour and a must do while in Grand Cayman.


4. Town of Hell

to hell and back?! Well, you can say that after visiting this small town with black & grey limestone rock formations, found in theWest Bay Area of the island. The tradition there is to visit the post office and pick a post card to send to your loved ones. Worth the visit.


5. Cayman Turtle Centre

Only 20 minutes ride from the port, there’s Cayman Turtle Centre, a dedicated centre working on sea turtle research and conservation. There are about 7,000 turtles at the center, and they have released more than 31,000 back into the ocean.


Reminder:  Caymanians drive on the left.


Enjoy your cruise to Grand Cayman and let us know if you have more recommendations of this beautiful place.


Kiki Yvette & Nina

July 6, 2020