ODE to Alchemy Bartender Lucaci Any

Having never tried this substance in my life!! I asked our resident local Craft Bartender friend - Vanesa, to help us re-create some famous cocktails with my dear friend’s beloved Jägermeister in them.

The masterful Vanesa Casias can be found Bartending at the very posh Lobby Bar at The Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

So first of all, what is Jägermeister ???

Jägermeister is an aromatic, strong herbal bitter liqueur, that has with a slight anise taste, it’s made in Germany from a secret blend of over 50 herbs, fruits, and spices.

It is a very popular spirit that is known by some as just Jäger, it often has a reputation of being one of those liquors that can get one very, very drunk, very quickly. Mainly due to its use in shooter style drinks such as the very popular and infamous Jäger Bomb

But what I soon discovered, is Jägermeister is a spirit that can and should be used in many fine cocktails.

We started our Journey by tasting three of the most popular drinks made with Jägermeister in them, and of course we had to start by just

trying a solo shot of Jäger!! It had to be done, if we were really going to do this thing.

Featured below - The Red Headed Slut, The Widow Maker, The Bed Of Roses, and of course a pure shot of Jager...we felt it had to be done first, if I was going to do this right.

#1 - the Solo Jäger - to really appreciate adding it to other cocktails, we really had to savor a shot of it served chilled. As you sip it slowly, you can savor a lot of the 50+ herbs and spices added to each bottle. Sipping a glass of Pernod comes to mind, the Anise flavor really comes through nicely.

#2 The Red - Headed Slut, and yes just ordering that name made me giggle. It’s really a super simple drink when you think of it. This super simple combination of Jäger, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, reminds you of one of those fruity drinks you couldn’t get enough of as a kid. Yes it’s like adult Kool-aid on steroids, but all sweet yummy to the taste.

#3 Which immediately became my personal favorite was The Widow Maker. I will 100% be ordering this again, and again . If you like martini’s and coffee, then this will be a nice delight to your senses. Adding the Vodka to the mix, really mellows out the Jager. The Widow Maker, is Vodka, Jägermeister, Coffee Liqueur, couple drops of Grenadine, and we added a cherry at the bottom of the glass for a nice cherry-meister bite at the end.

#4 Next, we ended with The Bed of Roses cocktail, which in a lot of opinions highlights the softer side of Jägermeister. It’s kind of like drinking a Jägermeister Sour!!! Made with Hints of lemon, lime, and grenadine, with a cherry and slice of Lime as Garnish.It reminded me of popular drink called the lemon drop, But with a sweet, but spicy kick to it.

One of the things we love about AnnaMaria, is that not only is she a veteran Carnival Alchemist (Yes one of the first), who knows her stuff when it comes to spirits, but she is also very passionate about making cocktails that put a smile on the faces of her customers.

Lucaci Any (AnnaMaria) is one of the most popular Alchemist on Carnival Horizon loves adding ingredients that give her cocktails that “WOW Factor”.

If you are lucky, you will soon get to try one of her famous cocktails on Carnival Panorama, soon to be her NEW home ship!

We also asked Lucaci Any if she could recommend us a drink our readers could try at Home. So here it is:

Lucaci Any: Yes, here is one of my favorites, (a little more than a regular martini), but it’s a twist on the Red Headed Slut!

Lavender Headed Slut!!!

2 OZ   Jaegermeister
1 OZ   Peach Schnapps
1 OZ   Lavender Syrup
One Splash of Cranberry Juice, and Fresh Lime Juice, and sprinkle toasted Cinnamon on top.  

Enjoy Friends!!!


Kiki Yvette & Nina

March 18, 2016