Meet Nathan O’Connor

Meet Nathan O'Connor

One thing the 2 Sisters love doing while cruising, is discovering new cocktails, and talented mixologists. We are also avid collectors, and love chatting about cocktails and the art of making the perfect cocktail.

As such, we wanted to do a series of articles, where we find the most talented mixologists on the seas, and ask them if they will sit down and chat with us about cocktails, and trends in the industry.

Our first pick, is one of the most popular and talented mixologists on the Seas, Nathan O’Connor.

Nathan O’Connor is a Mixologist with Carnival Cruise Lines. We sat down with him, to ask him some questions about being a Mixologist. Originally from Mumbai, when not on a Carnival Cruise Ship, resides in Miami, Florida.

Why mixology?

Mixology give me an ideal space to experiment with varied flavors, colors, textures and looks. It helps me connect my love for food and liquids.

Where did you get your first break as a mixologist?

The Alchemy Bar gave me a platform to showcase my skills as a mixologist.

In your current roll, on average how many cocktails do you make in a given day?

I would say 150 cocktails a day.

Your drinks always look and taste the same How do you maintain this level of consistency across drinks?


Being strict with a POUR is very important. There is no adjustment/replacements when it comes to signature cocktails. So follow the rules and hence, consistency.

What do you think about this trend towards more simplicity in cocktails, do you admire drinks with 20 + ingredients or do you agree that sometimes simplicity is better?

History taught us that simplicity can be legendary. So I would still stick with the fact that even the least mix of 3-4 ingredients, could make a great cocktail.

What three classic cocktails do you think every bartender should know how to make?

A Sazerac, a Tom Collins and a French .75. Easiest to know but a lot might fumble.

What would you say is your signature cocktail?

My signature would be the Cesar Salad. Not really a salad, but a marinated jam out of lettuce and tomatoes, fresh lime and Blended Scotch. Garnished with cheesy olives.

Is there one cocktail that you absolutely dislike making?

Miami Vice always has and always will be, a bartender’s pain in the as*.


What is the most bizarre drink you have been asked to make?

A Key Lime Pie Martini With Cream.

What is your favorite drink to have when you are traveling?

Fresh Moscow Mule, anywhere and anytime.

What is your favorite cocktail to make at home?

The easiest and friendliest would be a Mojito.

What would be the easiest cocktail for a novice to try at home?

Nothing better than wishing up a Piña Colada…put a straw in and sip all day long.


“There are no adjustment/replacements
when it comes to signature cocktails.”

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