2Sisters Cruisin

2 Sisters Cruisin

Come sail with us!! Our names are Nina & Kiki Yvette, and we are the two sisters who make up 2SistersCruisin. This is our official travel blog. It’s filled with stories and pictures from our cruises together, along with fun tips, deals, and findings we have encountered, as we travel from Ship to Ship, Port to Port, and City to City.

Yes one of us is a bit crazier than the other; we will leave it to you to decide which one. Just keep following our adventures and you will not only learn some new things about cruising, but you will get a kick out of some of the nutty things we say and do, and get ourselves into while cruising. On the serious side, our goal is to fill our blog with resources, tips, and reviews that will help you plan your next cruise or excursion.

Like most sisters we love to laugh together, and like ALL sisters, we fight, get mad at each other, and make up pretty instantly.  Cruising with a sister is easy, no one knows you like a sister does, and no matter what, we know we always have each other’s back.

Nina is an avid cruiser who loves art, and loves to shop. If there is art gallery showing you will find her there buying something for her home, or just sitting back sipping wine, and enjoying a good auction.   A former actress, Nina has that Hollywood Glam going on, and she loves to shop for beauty products and perfumes on each cruise. She also loves to attend and participate in the art auctions on board, and her other cruise ship passion is “Craft Cocktails”.  More precisely, she is a Carnival Alchemy Enthusiast, who manages a Facebook group (Alchemy Enthusiasts)by the same name.  If Nina is on a Carnival Ship, then you will find her hanging with one of her beloved Mixologists @Alchemy.  No matter what the ship, she always loves to find out where is the best bar, and who are the real mixologists on the cruise ship. Oh did you say there would be live music on board? If so, then expect a visit for Nina, if you can really sing,, then she will be. Your number one fan on the ship. If you cant, don’t watch her face, as her expressions kinda tell all. Nina is also the chief travel planner who book sand plans all the ladies cruises.

Kiki Yvette is what some might refer to as a professional Cruise Ship Gambler.  She loves tournaments, and usually participates in the big table and slot tournaments onboard. Kiki Yvette is also an avid Foodie, who loves to cook and dine out. If there is an amazing restaurant on board, then you will probably see her dining there. Kiki Yvette is also an avid Whiskey Collector, who is often referred to by her cruise nickname “Kiki”.   If there is a tasting, it’s not uncommon to hear someone say where is Kiki? Let’s just say she has a reputation of being knowledgeable about her spirits so the bartenders love when she shows up, but “Kiki” is usually running a bit late to the party.  On a serious note, Kiki Yvette’s passion and goal with every cruise, is to find a new bottle to add to her extensive collection of Rum and Scotch Whiskey.  She also loves to indulge in the the spa services, and early mornings, you can find her working out in the gym. Another passion, Kiki Yvette also takes her islands tours seriously, and plans at least one signature/private tour or excursion for the ladies, on each cruise they take.

We hope you enjoy the blog!

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